Vocal Workshops

We have a variety of vocal workshops including: “X Factory” where you record your own school album which we can produce for you in the most appropriate media format for your school.  “Winter Wonderland Band” we bring a live band to your school for your Christmas celebrations, providing free backing tracks to practise with leading up to your concert. “Achievement Awards” which can include dance, singing and drumming. 

X Factory

This is an opportunity to highlight the vocal talents in your school. Firstly choose your song (we will supply backing tracks for rehearsals during class time). Next we come in for a day to record all of your singers. To finish we mix and master your audio ready for CD burning or use on social media. We can also upload your music to youtube for you to share around the school and with parents.

The X FACTORY can become a full school project with different classes/year groups taking charge of different parts of the process. For a CD  recording different groups could manage:  Cover Design/Photography/Advertising and Marketing & Sales. 

With fantastic cross curricular links to Maths, English and Art this is a great way to bring the whole school together with a single objective. We have further information on how this can work easily within a school so if your interested just drop us an email or give us a call…….

Winter Wonderland

Our Winter Wonderland adds a musical focus to your Christmas celebrations. We supply an extensive list of Christmas songs, lyric sheets and backing tracks for each song so you can practise leading up to your concert or recording. You can then choose between having a live band come in for your concert to accompany the children or our studio engineer to record children performing with the tracks and producing a Christmas album. Some schools do both and sell the album at the Christmas concert.

Andy is our beatbox or vocal percussion master and has appeared with the likes of  Tom Jones, Lisa Stansfield and Jeri Halliwell as well as being the vocal percussionist for The Magnets. As a tutor he captivates the children with a musical skill that is completely on trend with the music of today.   Our Beatbox session teaches children how to use their voices in a completely different but musical way and is perfect for those who are less enthusiastic about singing.

This session is a great way to bring children towards listening to and analysing music in detail. With a few skills they will be able to recreate the rhythms on their favourite songs vocally whilst hitting many of the national music curriculum aims ( Learn to sing and use their voices, recall sounds with increased aural memory).

Achievement Awards

Bring together everything your school has worked towards at your end of year Achievement Awards. We can add to what you already do or start from the beginning and put something together with you. 

As every school is different we have no set formula for the Achievement Awards but we have now been working on them for almost 10 years

They often combine Music, Dance and Singing and sometimes include drumming performances if we are part of the schools regular music program. Often we have a live band to accompany the children and sometimes we bring a guest musician to lead some songs and work with the children (previously these have included Hadleigh Ford of  The Voice and Derek Nash of The Jools Holland Rhythm & Blues Orchestra).  Some of our Achievement Award highlights include: Thomas Arnold Primary school at The Broadway Theatre, Stratford and Applegarth Academy at the Fairfield Halls, Croydon and later  at the Croydon Conference Centre.