African Drumming

  1. The most popular drum in Africa is the Djembe drum and these are constructed from hollowed out trees. In African culture drumming is used to mark community events and as a means of communication. The Master Drummer, Djembes, Call and Response and a wealth of information about the music and culture of Africa are included in this workshop as well as a Djembe for each child to play. This session is suitable for all ages as we have several pieces and change the content for different key stages. This is also perfect for community events and Black History Month. Please have a look at our short video below from Turnham Academy school in Croydon.

Samba Drumming

Brazilian carnival or BATUCADA drumming was used for the opening of the 2016 olympics and is a major part of the annual Rio carnival (the largest carnival in the world).  We usually work with class size groups running workshops of 30-60 minutes, for a full or half a day. This is an energetic session with children playing all of the time and having amazing fun whilst learning about some of the culture of brazil. We have a vast library of material so we can deliver this to KS 1 – 4 changing the content to suit. This session is another with great links to Black History Month and can hit many of the  primary National Music Curriculum goals.


Boomwhackers are coloured plastic tubes that are tuned to individual notes.  They are a fantastic workshop tool as they can be played rhythmically but also introduce pitch and harmony. 

We have a number of session for Boomwhackers including: 

Listening and Improvising: In this session children are lead through a journey of pitch rhythm games as they learn to listen to each other and create parts that work together. Some will have the chance to conduct the whole group and all will have an inclusive part.  

Three Chord Mash: This session includes reading simple notation and teaches children the most common chord progression used in pop music. This can be extended to add vocals and sing a “Mash up” of many of the most popular songs of today.

 Boomwhackers are great for:

– Larger Numbers: As they are easy to transport we can work with larger numbers at no extra cost.  
– National Curriculum goals – Using both rhythm and pitch Boomwhackers are ideal for introducing and extending national curriculum music goals. 

Trash Orchestra - Reuse and Recycle

In an age where we are all very concerned about and focused on our natural environment we are delighted to be able use music to get the message across. In this session we turn junk into a percussion orchestra and create music. We encourage children to think about how things can be reused and recycled rather than create rubbish, whilst teaching them about pitch, rhythm and playing as an ensemble.  

We can provide and take away all of the instruments or you can use us as the finale of your terms recycling project and design and build junk instruments for the workshop (we can supply guidelines). This is a lovely cross curricular session highlighting a very important topic. 


Andy is our beatbox or vocal percussion master and has appeared with the likes of  Tom Jones and Jeri Halliwell as well as being the vocal percussionist for the Magnets. As a tutor he captivates the children with a musical skill that is completely on trend with the music of today.   

Our Beatbox session teaches children how to use their voices in a completely different but musical way and is a perfect for those who are less enthusiastic about singing.

This session is a great way to bring children towards listening to and analysing music in detail. With a few skills they will be able to recreate the rhythms on their favourite songs vocally whilst hitting many of the national music curriculum aims ( Learn to sing and use their voices, recall sounds with increased aural memory).

Drum Camp

Drumming can be a great addition to your summer camping trip. We bring all of the equipment and set up very quickly inside or out.  Starting with high energy loud drumming  the emphasis is on having fun. We have children leading, rhythm games with prizes and we can even wind them down before it’s time to sleep.