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Elements of Music

The elements of music

In this session children are introduced to the building blocks of music: Pulse Tempo, Dynamics and Rhythm. A second session can introduce: Texture Timbre and musical Form.

With a range of different drums and percussion the ensemble of children are introduced to each idea and then discover how it can effect or guide how we can play our instruments. This information is then used to bring together our final piece for performance.

Composing and performing

Composing and performing. (KS2 only). 

Our composing and performing session divides the class into small groups each of which will perform to the others.  Beginning with simply call and response and moving through various stages each group will use the same tools to compose an individual drumming piece and perform it to the class. Every child will have the chance to lead there ensemble through a stage of composition and all children play for all of the session.


Trash Orchestra