Dimensions in Music

The Dimensions of music are key to the national music curriculum.  To deliver these concepts we have created two workshops where children can learn to understand and work with the dimensions in a practical way

Session 1: Duration, Pulse, Tempo, Dynamics. 

Session 2: Rhythm, Texture, Timbre.

In these fast moving sessions we have children marching around the room, playing drums, conducting and all the time using the dimensions of music to create sound.  At the end of the session we have children explain to us what the dimensions mean and what they are for. We also have follow on sheets for the classroom.

Composing and Performing

With a variety of percussion instruments children work in small groups and are introduced to some simple composing ideas. Composing rhythms, adding dynamics, creating different textures and using different sections to build a piece. Children play all the time and have the chance to take the part of the Musical Director, make decisions and direct the group.  At each stage groups rehearse, working on the new material until  the end where all groups perform to each other. With the same instructions given to everyone it is a delight to see the variety in the final performances. 

PSHE (The three C's)

Concentration, Communication and Co-operation are the emphasis with this workshop. Children take part in an empowering music journey where the quality of the music improves as they work together more successfully.  Parallels are drawn to other school activities including team sports and working as a group in the classroom. 

Full Music Provision

Rhythm Connections currently provide full music provision in a number of schools. As specialists we can deliver and exceed the national curriculum by combining a number of activities including: Drumming, Singing, Computer Technolodgy, Recording an album.  We also included specific lessons on reading music, using graphic scores, notation, understanding pitch and the use of music in different cultures.   Our provision can range from weekly visits from a number of our staff to a couple of days per term  complimenting what you already have in place.   If this may be of interest please just give us a call for a chat.